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Born Daren Robert Fishwick on 26th January 1968 in Lambeth, London, England.

Attended Davidson Infant School, Croydon (Age 4-6). Woodside Juniors, Croydon (Age 7-10). Davidson High School, Croydon (Age 11-13). Stanley Technical High School For Boys, South Norwood (Age 14-16). Left school to work in the family business (Fishwick Brothers LTD), which was a silk screen printing company. After a year I left the family business in search of a career, within the Civil Service (Immigration), where I served 14 years, the last six of which was spent doing Telecoms Support on a network of PBX's (Private Branch Exchange). I then decided to further my Telecommunication skills and moved to a call logging company called CTI (Previously Databit), where I worked on a Helpdesk, providing PC hardware and software support, before then taking up contract work for BT Syncordia. Then onto Siemens Communication PLC as a HICOM (PBX) maintenance engineer and now working as a Voice Network Analyst for Aon Hewitt.

I met my wife on 19 December 1995 and started a family, we married 15 years later on 16th July 2011. I have four Son's and a Step Daughter, Jodi, Mason, Brandon, Harrison and Preston.

During my time I have devoted a lot to programming. I started out programming games for the Sinclair Spectrum at the age of 13, then progressed to programming applications and games for the Atari ST using the STOS programming platform. I now spend my programming hours playing with Visual Basic and MS Access. When I'm not programming I like to relax by flying radio controlled aircraft, composing music, playing xbox or sitting in the seat of my Kart while belting around the race track.

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